First Interview!!!

13 Feb

I know I haven’t updated here in a gazillion years.  Really, the only reason I’m back is to rejoice my first interview

I just got the email today – I danced around my apartment squealing like a little girl.

It’s set for this Friday during one of my classes… So that’s my one (two?) complaints – no warning, and during class.  No, I am not going to try and reschedule.  I want a job, and I want it yesterday.  I’m not going to risk someone telling me to forget it just because I’ll miss the last 20 minutes of class. They even acknowledged that it was during my class time, which means they didn’t really have another time.

Still, super excited! I almost want to go out to buy a new interview outfit (mainly because I’ll be wearing my suit 3 days in a row this week – Wednesday to meet my mentor, Thursday to go hear/meet our state supreme court, and then Friday for my interview).

So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like, I’m dancing! In my seat! Right this second!!!




11 Jan

I did surprisingly well!

Research: A-
Civ Pro: A
Torts: A
Property: B+
Contracts: B


Based on my midterms, I expected to do best in Civ Pro and Torts. But after taking the finals, I expected to do horrible in Civ Pro (I didn’t entirely finish). I was entirely unsure for property and contracts, and I figured I’d get about a C+ or B- in Torts because I didn’t feel strongly about my answer, but figured I did know my stuff for the course.

So, now that first semester grades are in, I suppose I’ll be stressing over finding a job now!



Christmas Break

21 Dec

Well, my last final was Thursday.

It was such a sigh of relief to leave the building.  I nearly cried after I submitted my exam.

A group of girls and I went out for dinner and drinks. It was such a great time. Then I went out shopping Friday with a classmate, and Saturday I hit the bars with some old college friends. All-in-all, it was a great weekend!


Also, I have gotten one grade in: Research: A-

So, as of right now, I have a 4.0… lol, with a 2 credit hour class only.  =)


I can’t wait for the rest of my grades. Come on all As! (or at least As and Bs)

9 Hours Til Contracts…

12 Dec

… and I have lost all ability to even care anymore.

I have not studied enough for this final at all.  I never should have listened to people talk about how arbitrary my professor’s grading is, because now I have in my head, “well, what’s the point anyway?”

I have a basic understanding of the concepts of the course and a loose grasp on the little (but important) rules. I just drew an awesome flow chart for my analysis on any exam essay she hands out.

Now I guess my only option is to head to bed where I can snuggle up with my CrunchTime capsule summary and try to cram enough information into my brain to get a C (or an A.  A girl can dream!)

So Tired…

11 Dec

Okay, not physically because I’ve been getting enough sleep.

But brain-tired.  I can’t think anymore! I need finals to end, now!


Final #1 Down!

7 Dec

I had Civ Pro this morning at 9AM.  It was open book, open note.  The only restriction was that we couldn’t use a supplement. I’m pretty sure I used my outline as a crutch, but whatever – I liked having it (All 22 pages of it!)

I didn’t finish though.  I did the multiple choice first and then went to work on the essay.  I made sure to give myself more than the time he had suggested for it, but it didn’t help.  We had to analyze 6 issues and as I wrapped up the first one, I looked at the clock and saw I had only 40 minutes left.  I had spent 20 minutes on the first issue – so by my math, I needed about 120 minutes for the entire essay. No such luck!  I quickly typed in my best effort at an outline for every issue, and used to remaining 30 minutes to type out the paragraphs.

So when he grades my exam, he’ll get 35 decently answered multiple choice Qs. Then a 4 paragraph explanation of personal jurisdiction as it related to my fact pattern, followed by a 2 paragraph explanation of venue, then a 3 sentence talk on insufficiency of service, and so on until we have a bulleted outline of the last issue… It was pitiful

But most people said they had the same problem. So… I’m moving on. Property next!

Where Did This Semester Go?

2 Dec

So, today at about 11:30AM my Civil Procedure professor asked “So, any more questions?” and no one said anything so he released us.  And just like that, I shut-down my computer and walked out of the last regular class of my first semester of law school.

It’s insane to look back at my semester because it just feels like it was SO SHORT.  This has been a good semester – there’s a lot I regret, but also a lot I’m proud of.

– I can count the number of classes I’ve missed on one hand (no more, no less.  I’ve missed 3 Contracts classes, 1 Civ Pro, and 1 Property)

– I can count the number of times I’ve eaten out (and paid for it) on one hand

– I regularly completed assignments before the due date

– The ones I didn’t finish before they were due were still all at least 80% complete before the due date

– I got the equivalent of an A on two of my midterms! (but also the equivalent of a C on two…)

– I am cognizant that I’m making this list to avoid more studying/outlining and am thus going to stop


All-in-all, pretty successful semester.

Now I get to go absolutely insane preparing for finals and praying I do well.  Wish me luck!

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